As we age, our hair will become drier and lose its elasticity and luster, which will increase the stress of nervousness and worry and may cause the risk of blood supply and health problems in the brain. These risks increase significantly after we reach 35 and multiply after 42.

Exercise and a healthy diet can reduce these risks. But imagine it-what if you could have a treatment to restore your hair to its youthful state? It sounds like science fiction, but scientific evidence now shows that professional Estella Arden keratin therapy is the world’s first special compound organic antioxidant that directly acts on the internal structure of keratin So that they can have more cellular energy and offset freedom. Destructive effect of base.

Alpha-keratin is found in the keratin structure as a polypeptide chain that is usually rich in alanine, leucine, arginine and cysteine, forming a right-handed alpha-helix. Two of these polypeptide chains are twisted together to form a left-handed spiral structure called a spiral coil. Using many of the cysteine amino acids found in -keratin, these coiled helical dimers, approximately 45 nm long, are held together by disulfide bonds. Estella Arden Keratin Treatment is the first to develop a targeted keratin structure reconstruction technology. Through a special compound nano-organic acid component, deep hair can be deeply improved.

In human studies studying the effect of Estella Arden keratin treatment on hair function, researchers found

Improved hair quality and quality capabilities by 42.12%

Significantly reduces dry hair 32.64%

Hair quality significantly improves hydration capacity

Surprisingly, the quality of hair after treatment has increased by 42.12%, which is an improvement over the traditionally restricted care plan, which usually improves afterwards (24 %)

Keratin is found in almost all hair cells in our body and provides the energy it needs to function properly and keep our organs and systems healthy. More and more scientific evidence shows that keratin with normal function is the foundation of healthy life and disease prevention.

The study authors concluded: “Our results provide preliminary support for the idea that the proportion of Estella Arden keratin treatment and potentially other keratin-based products increases antioxidant potential, improves vascular function, and may lower the brain Effective treatments for vascular health problems and other clinical aging risks include impaired functional barriers and chronic hair health problems.

Report:FOX40 NEWS