Kera Organic Reform System Shape Booster has a beautiful new and improved greener formula with the blossoming fragrances. Kera Organic Reform System Shape Booster is the first to formulate with Natural Organic Ingredients and other nutrition. Which does not contain any kind of hyde, smell, and odor. So it does not burn or irritate the scalp and it’s 100% SAFE for all hair types, clients, and professionals. It is an ideal Smoothing and Shaping product for all hairdressers. As always, performance is on point.


Analyze the client’s hair type first.
Shampoo with KeraOrganica Purifying Shampoo thoroughly, then rinse.
Blow the hair until 80 % dry.
Details when applying KeraOrganica :
When the hair is already smooth, and you just want the hair to be straight, use KeraOrganica Shape Booster
If the hair is already straight, and you just want the hair to be smooth, use KeraOrganica Smooth Booster.
If you need the hair to be both straight and smooth, mix KeraOrganica Shape Booster and Smooth Booster together Ratio 4:1 (or to adjust the ratio according to how Straight and Smooth you want to be)
Apply on the hair from root to the middle then ends (attention: please leave the treatment off Scalp).
Process for 30 mins without heat.
Don’t rinse for better results.
Blow-dry hair 100 % then section hair in thin sections (around 1/4 inch sections)
For Resistant Hair & Normal Hair – 200 to 230 ℃( Clip 7 times )
Chemicals Hair -max 180℃( Clip 5 times)
Dry spit ends – max 170℃( Clip 3 times )
For better result, rinse with KeraOrganica Daily Shampoo and KeraOrganica Daily Conditioner