Skin cancer is the most common cancer in New Zealand. New skin cancers total about 82,000 per year, compared to a total of 16,000 for all other types of…
New discoveries of keratin treatmen care technology Best Choice for New Zealand Keratin Treatment
 Skin cancer is the most common cancer in New Zealand. New skin cancers total about 82,000 per year, compared to a total of 16,000 for all other types of cancer. In fact, the incidence of melanoma in New Zealand and Australia is around four times higher than in Canada, the US and the UK.

Recently Estella Arden laboratory has found another fatal factor that can cause skin cancer, and it is the neglect of scalp protection.

Hair sun protection is a rarely mentioned problem, but part of the hair damage comes from light damage.

Hair is used as an umbrella for the scalp. If the hair is damaged, there is no way to protect it from UV rays. The longest exposure of people to ultraviolet rays is hair and scalp. When applying sunscreen, people always habitually miss the protection of their hair. Therefore, another major cause of skin cancer is the damaged scalp exposed to ultraviolet light, and the damaged scalp is caused by damaged hair.

What is the structure of hair? Natural polymer keratin fibers exist to protect the scalp and prevent scalp from dissipating heat.

The composition of hair fibers is the epidermal layer, cortical layer and medulla layer. The epidermal layer is composed of keratinocytes without nuclear scales, which are usually superimposed by 6 to 10 layers. Like fish scales, the gloss of hair is composed of hair scales Determined by the flatness.

This is a cross section of hair.

If the hair is damaged by ultraviolet rays, that is, photoaging damage, this kind of damage will cause hair scales to lift up and peel off. Hair becomes dry and frizzy, split ends are dull, and it is difficult to comb through.

Ultraviolet rays are caused by solar radiation. Among them, long-wave ultraviolet rays (UVA) and medium-wave ultraviolet rays (UVB) mainly affect the skin. Medium-wave ultraviolet rays are absorbed by the epidermal layer and cannot reach the cortex. Injury. But long-wave UV can directly penetrate the cortex, causing structural damage, and you can hardly resist.

Estella Arden laboratory found that there are two types of sunscreen: physical adsorption and chemical adsorption.

Physical adsorption is an intermolecular force, that is, the molecules on the surface retain a free force field to adsorb substances. This is also called van der Waals adsorption. But this kind of adsorption is not very stable and reversible.

The chemical adsorption is the adsorption of chemical bonds, and the molecules of the adsorbate and the atoms or molecules on the surface transfer, exchange, and share electrons. His characteristics are relatively stable and selective.

Chemisorption has led to the production of ultraviolet absorbers. Since ultraviolet rays will irradiate, as long as ultraviolet rays are absorbed before entering the scalp, this problem is solved.

The principle of the ultraviolet absorber is to absorb ultraviolet rays of a certain wavelength, and then convert the light energy to prevent the ultraviolet rays from contacting the substances in the hair.

UV absorbers are mainly: benzophenones, cinnamates, dibenzoylmethanes, benzotriazoles, hydroxyphenyltriazines, etc. These substances can effectively absorb ultraviolet light It greatly reduces light damage to hair. For example, cinnamate ethyl ethyl methoxycinnamate is an efficient long-wave UV absorber.

But these are chemical preparations. Estella alpha keratin, a natural botanical component, is resistant to ultraviolet light, it can also delay aging.Estella alpha keratin is a world-first molecule created to help power the source of your hair’s health.

All of your body’s energy to function comes from inside your cells and it is made in mitochondria (known as the “powerhouse” of the cell). Healthy mitochondria are therefore the fundamental starting point of good energy and health, so you want them in good working order.

Your mitochondria naturally make the antioxidant to protect your cells and give them the energy they need to perform, but the levels can drop as part of the aging process, with illness and lifestyle factors.

Estella alpha keratin has been engineered to be able to get through the mitochondria’s tough membrane at significant levels. Once inside the mitochondria, Estella alpha keratin helps to protect and support their function.

The results? Your body ‘s energy levels, mental focus, organ and body health, sleep and stress are supported. For athletes and active people, you’ll notice optimized performance, endurance and recovery.

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